Tactics Used By Personal Injury Lawyer In Port Hope For Negotiating With An Insurance Company

Personal injuries are common these days and as a result a number of insurance companies try all of their tactics to minimize or deny you the claim. However, if you have given a demand letter to any insurance company with proper documents stating your injury and claims expected, and then the insurance company must pay you the claims but even then most of the times, they succeed in fooling the victim. Some tactics of negotiating with the insurance companies can only be known from an expert Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Hope.

Negotiation Process

The negotiation process for settlement in such injury cases usually starts with you receiving a phone call or message from an insurance adjuster, who wishes to discuss the different parameters of your injury case with you in order to fix a settlement amount. You may even receive a Reservation of Rights Letter from the insurance company. So, when this procedure starts, make sure to estimate your damage settlement amount in mind to demand it from the adjuster.

Don’t Hurry to Grab the First Offer

As per Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Hope, jumping right on the first offer made by the adjuster is the biggest mistake many victims do in such cases. Instead, one should stay patient and wait for the adjuster to increase the offer step by step. You must avoid showing the sign that you are willing to compromise on the very first offer made by the adjuster.

Allow the Adjuster to Justify a Low Settlement Offer

In case, the adjuster offers a very low settlement offer that you are not willing to accept, then allow him or her to justify such a low offer. By doing so, you will grab certain points that he or she missed in calculating your damage compensation and then you can add those points in your total settlement offer and demand for it too. For this, you can even write a demand letter covering all the damage factors and describe them to the adjuster.

Focus on your Emotional Suffering

According to a professional Personal Injury Lawyer in Port Hope, focusing on your emotional suffering helps a lot in negotiating with the shrewd insurance companies and adjusters. You must be able to support your case by emphasizing on the emotional pain and suffering along with loss of enjoyment in life to convince the adjuster to give you a rightful settlement amount.

Get the Settlement in Written

Lastly, don’t forget to get the final settlement agreement agreed by you and the insurance adjuster in written to confirm the agreement. Even a short and simple agreement stating the settlement amount is fine in this case to confirm the settlement. Make sure to covert he date by which the settlement must be paid and what all damages are covered in it, so that neither the defendant nor the insurance company can deny it any later stage. To read more Click Here