Can Injury Lawyer In Whitby Tackle Dog Attack Claims?

Most of the times dog attacks are extremely dangerous and cause a lot of harm to the victim. A lot of times kids get attacked by dogs while playing and they can get seriously injured in the mishap. Sometimes these mishaps can cause bad bites, and can also injure the victim due to the force that comes with animal attacks. While it is considered that only dangerous breeds of dogs can cause serious injuries, the fact is that any breed of dogs can cause a lot of injury. Often mauling and pushing is a part of a dog attack. It can even lead to the death of the victim. This is the reason the law looks at dog bites as a serious offence and enables the victims to get compensated for their injuries. An injury lawyer in Whitby can be of a lot of help in getting your claim settled in such cases.

In some states, the laws for animal bites are extremely strict. An injury lawyer in Whitby that you consult for your injuries and claim will tell you that most states hold the dog owner responsible for the injuries irrespective of the place where the mishap has happened. This would mean that the dog owner would be held responsible even if the mishap happened at a public place. Even if the mishap has happened on the owner’s property, people who can be lawfully present there as well as those who have visited to do some job are supposed to be informed by the dog owner about the presence of the dog. The dog owner is also expected to tame the dog and make sure that the visitors are safe from the reach of the dog while they are on the property.

Some states, on the other hand, have one bite rule. Your injury lawyer in Whitby would be able to suggest you that in these states, the dog owner will not be held responsible if he had no reason to be aware of the fact that the dog is dangerous since it never attacked anyone before. However, even if the owner was aware due to some of the gestures that the dog had made in the past that the dog can be dangerous, he would be penalized if his dog attacks someone.

Your injury lawyer in Whitby would tell you that when it is a case of dog attack, the most important thing that you need to do as a dog attack victim is to ensure that you are able to establish the ownership of the dog that attacked you. The first thing, however, after the attack should be that the victim gets medical help on priority. Once medical help has been assured, the next move of the victim or their family should be to file a personal injury lawsuit with the help of a lawyer. For more information visit Our Website